Jessica + Tim – Photos by Keshia

Jessica and Timi were married at The Dominion House on a beautiful day in July.  Photos by Keshia shared these fabulous photographs with us.


Bride and Groom

Beautiful Bride


Beautiful Bride


Bride and Bridesmaids at the Dominion House

Wedding Dress in the wedding garden


Bride getting ready for the wedding




Getting ready for the wedding


Getting ready for the wedding at The Dominion House


Bridesmaid dresses


Blue Wedding Shoes







Bride and Groom


Dominion House Wedding Venue


Wedding Bouquet

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Oklahoma Wedding Garden Venue

String Quartet for the garden wedding

Mother of the Bride



Wedding fans for the garden

Ring Bearer for the garden wedding


Bridal entrance with the bride

Garden Wedding


Wedding Garden Ceremony in Oklahoma


Wedding Exit


Love Letter

Wedding Rings


Wedding Bell Sign
Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait

Wedding portrait in the wedding garden



Outdoor wedding pictures of the bride and groom


Wedding Pictures

Outdoor Wedding Photographs

In the wedding garden

First Dance


First Dance with the bride and groom at The Dominion House

Wedding Cake at the Dominion House

Grooms Cake at The Dominion House



Wedding Cupcakes at the Dominion House

Wedding cake table at Dominion House

Floral wedding centerpiece at The Dominion House

Wedding Centerpiece



Wedding Centerpiece



Cutting of the cake

Wedding cake details


Wedding Toast



Tossing the wedding bouquet

Tossing Bouquet


Ribbon Wands for the Wedding Exit



Wedding Party Favors

Wedding Party Favors

Thank You

Party Favors

Wedding Exit